Intercast marriage Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali short film has been transferred on YouTube and the short motion picture is around a couple who got hitched regardless of their station contrasts. This is a short motion picture that can be identified with our society.A fellow and a young lady are infatuated. The young lady is of high position and the person then again is of low station. They both adore each other however the person is confounded and sc@red of the general public. The young lady guaranteed him that each will be fine and they get hitched. In any case, a couple of weeks after the fact, the father of the young lady meets her and reproves her. He advises her that their connection is over on the off chance that she doesn't leave the person.

The young lady is confounded in light of the fact that she adores the person yet she cherishes her folks as well. She then converses with the person and lets him know that she is abandoning him. She goes off however the person then again gets extremely discouraged and begins to abhor himself. Later he gets tanked and goes outside the place of the young lady and cuts her. He additionally eats poison and the pair lose their life.
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