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AT lunch following day there were extremely pleasant pies, crawfish, and lamb cutlets; keeping in mind we were eating, Nikanor, the cook, came up to approach what the guests might want for supper. He was a man of medium stature, with a puffy face and little eyes; he was close-shaven, and it looked as if his mustaches had not been shaved, but rather had been hauled out by the roots. Alehin let us know that the excellent Pelagea was infatuated with this cook. As he drank and was of a rough character, she would not like to wed him, however was willing to live with him without. He was extremely dedicated, and his religious feelings would not permit him to "live in transgression"; he demanded her wedding him, and would agree to nothing else, and when he was tipsy he used to manhandle her and even beat her. At whatever point he got plastered she used to conceal upstairs and cry, and on such events Alehin and the hirelings stayed in the house to be prepared to guard her if there should arise an occurrence of need.

We started discussing love.

"How love is conceived," said Alehin, "why Pelagea does not love some person more like herself in her profound and outer qualities, and why she went gaga for Nikanor, that appalling nose - we as a whole call him 'The Snout' - how far inquiries of individual satisfaction are important in affection - all that is known; one can take what view one enjoys of it. So far stand out incontestable truth has been expressed about affection: 'This is an incredible puzzle.' Everything else that has been composed or said in regards to love is not a decision, but rather just an announcement of inquiries which have stayed unanswered. The clarification which would appear to fit one case does not have any significant bearing in twelve others, and the absolute best thing, to my brain, would be to clarify each case independently without endeavoring to sum up. We should, as the specialists say, to individualize every case."

"Impeccably genuine," Burkin consented.

"We Russians of the informed class have an inclination for these inquiries that stay unanswered. Affection is normally poeticized, designed with roses, songbirds; we Russians improve our affections with these pivotal inquiries, and select the most uninteresting of them, as well. In Moscow, when I was an understudy, I had a companion who shared my life, a beguiling woman, and each time I took her in my arms she was deduction what I would permit her a month for housekeeping and what was the cost of meat a pound. Similarly, when we are enamored we are never tired of making inquiries: whether it is fair or offensive, sensible or dumb, what this adoration is paving the way to, et cetera. Whether it really is great or not I don't have the foggiest idea, but rather that it is standing out, unsuitable, and bothering, I do know."

It looked as if he needed to recount to some story. Individuals who lead a singular presence dependably have something in their souls which they are avid to discuss. Around the local area single guys visit the showers and the eateries intentionally to talk, and once in a while advise the most intriguing things to shower orderlies and servers; in the nation, generally speaking, they unbosom themselves to their visitors. Presently from the window we could see a dim sky, trees doused in the downpour; in such climate we could go no place, and there was nothing for us to do except for to recount stories and to tune in.

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