Message To Mina Kharel From Aang Kami Sherpa


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Ang Kami Sherpa, a major apple based Samaritan, went well beyond in helping Joya and Jiwan to rejoin in Phillipines on September sixteenth. Joya and Jiwan, who've been the most extreme said couples in Nepali media inside the late months, have been isolated when Joya left Nepal a month in the past close by her sons in the midst of disarray and schemes. at the point when the story first broke-by means of on online networking extreme month, different varieties of allegations had been made to accuse each festival included. Mr. Sherpa has communicated his joy in helping the couple rejoin. He expressed gratitude toward every one of his mates who had contributed fiscal help, and his nephew Pema Nima Sherpa who caused Jiwan Thapa to get well his seized visa in Nepal. Ang Kami Sherpa has raised over $5,000 to this point, and money stays coming. he is making arrangements on lifting enough spending plan for the couple a decent approach to buy a little inn in Nepal. Mr. Sherpa moreover expressed gratitude toward online networking for spreading center and all his outside based absolutely amigos for their proceeded with help. He has a hearty message for Mina Kharel from Adarsha Griha.

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