Narendra Modi’s sharp analysis of Sonia Gandhi in 1999 interview


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India's PM has another location. He's not moving. The tree-lined road on which the nation's premiers have lived since the 1980s, Race Course Road, has been renamed Lok Kalyan Marg, or People's Welfare Road.

New Delhi's metropolitan gathering said the old name, taken from a neighborhood horse-hustling track that dates from the British-pilgrim time, "does not coordinate with the Indian ethos and worth system."Indian governments have a long history of thinking of new handles for urban communities, foundations and boulevards. Since autonomy in 1947, the names of English emissaries and officers have cleared a path for Indian flexibility warriors, craftsmen and political pioneers.

For Mr. Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, which has profound Hindu-patriot roots, advancing "Indian-ness" by giving more conspicuousness to everything from customary pharmaceutical, yoga and the old dialect of Sanskrit, has been a critical plan thing.

Tussling over the depiction of India's history–and the parts of pioneer and Islamic rulers–is a noteworthy piece of it.

BJP pioneers have since a long time ago questioned an adaptation of history they say extols India's Muslim traditions, which they see as harsh of Hindus, who make up a greater part of cutting edge India.
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