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Hamro Online Tv displays short motion picture "Operator" which depends on social mindfulness. Nowadays the greater part of individuals needs to travel to another country, as they need to gain cash and enhance their money related condition and on this case they neglects to pick wrong individuals and begins trusting those people.This is the short motion picture in view of same thing. Here are gathering of young lady who is in the process to travel to another country with the goal that they could win some cash. They continues holding up their visa and squandering their time. The man of that labor used to drop few words and make them trust however he was clever to the point that he used to take those ladies to his room and compel her to have s*x. This was going on with the young lady who were there and it was an excess of so those young lady chose to trick that man.

Than he called another young lady, it resembled the young lady was so natural. He was simply attempting to have r*om@nce with that young lady on that time she h!t that man and she assembled each one of those young lady and they hit that kid so terrible that he got the lesson that he ought to regard all young ladies

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