हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The story depends on the financial part of the western area of Nepal. The story, which reaches out over 10 years, has been introduced utilizing true components like the utilization of Nepali Khas dialect, lahure custom, superstition, jaar framework (when spouse steals away, the present husband pays cash to ex), pakha sarne (young lady is kept in an animal dwellingplace amid her monthly cycle), utilization of paisa to purchase merchandise, and whatnot. There are numerous things going ahead in the film and Rishi Raj Acharya as a chief has delivered just an unremarkable film. His heading is not new. The portrayal is average where the primary half spins around the same old issues of the Nepali society, while Jhilkey acquires excite and experience the second-half. As the film creates, it has a few components of anticipation and also amusingness to captivate the crowd. What's more, Suntalilai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkeley is an account of a past old period, yet the film neglects to transport the group of onlookers to that time. The setting of town resembles that of today's and the outfits worn, aside from that of the lead characters, are not all that persuading either. The scene in the title tune gives retro feel with performers wearing ensembles of the 60s look — ringer base jeans and the preferences.

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