New Nepali Short Movie BY Samir Subedi and Aindra Limbu


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

In today's circumstance a vast part of the youngsters of our country are unemployed and heading towards outside range. The larger part of uneducated youngsters are heading towards Middle-East and Gulf countries. Reliably thousand of people collected outside the administration of remote endeavors (past Narayanhiti regal living arrangement) to get their global ID. The scene is a great deal more appalling in the fundamental worldwide air terminal of our country.

Most of the understudies who were told are theory to look for after their further preparing in made countries like USA, Canada, Europe and Australia et cetera. There are enormous gathering in the establishments and consultancies around Putalisadak and Baneshwor, which coordinate the sharpening classes of test plans courses, for instance, GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS. Thusly larger piece of young people are out of our country. If you approach the request for what reason abroad, there is a regular answer among most of the youngsters, "here is no open entryway for anything, political feebleness, long hardship hours of impact power outage, unemployment despite for the educated people"etc.

The standard reason for this is our political get-togethers and politicization of each and every part. The political social events are by some methods responsible for making this condition. The youthful wings of each implied broad political social event are fighting for each other over paltry issues in various organization schools of Tribhuvan University since they are unemployed. As opposed to doing combating with each other, they can contribute their significant vitality for contributing the nation if they handled any extraordinary position which organize their educational capacity. There is a feeble trust that, after the revelation of new constitution these issues will be handled. In coming days, we may trust political consistent quality here and this situation may not last more.

Despite that, our direction structure is not too particular or sensible except for a couple subjects, for instance, restorative or outlining. It for the most part demonstrates to us best practices to hold long theories and how to go in the exams so to speak. Right when understudies finished their formal preparing their mind is void. Some theoretical expressions which are made in last exam may be in their cerebrum. The obligation of working up the country is in the shoulder of youngsters. The condition of our country is engraving orderly.

In light of unemployment youth are incorporated into different kind of unsocial activities like medicine addictions and wrongdoing. Countless enter each year in our occupation showcase however there is little measure of business in our own specific nations and an extensive bit of them are hard to understand for customary people. If an opening is proclaimed for the occupation in any spots there are countless for a singular post. Further, there is political biasness, nepotism, cronyism in every part. Here is no quality in light of meritocracy.

As said in an adage "It is perfect to educate a poor man how to get a fish rather than give him fish for a day." Our governing body should focuses on specific trainings for each and every understudy which demonstrates them helpful and occupation arranged preparing rather than the middle theoretical courses. The commercialization of agriculture and industrialization somehow can get cure of these issues. The course of action makers and administrators should be more careful and enhance technique for making work open entryway for young people. It is past the final turning point for the complete whole deal imperative game plan for the improving business possibility of the youthful. Youngsters are destiny of any nations. They are building square of our overall population. If these issues are not unwound as in front of calendar as could be normal considering the present situation our nation moves backward for a long time.
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