"Paryau ni mayale jaalma" Devi Gharti Romantic New Lok Song 2073


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Paryau ni mayale jaalma is a Nepali engaging people tune. This tune reflects societies and custom and you can see a lovely social move in this melody which looks extremely engaging and delightful. Amid event in a large portion of the spot particular in town they sing and move wearing the garments that mirrors their societies and conventions.

This tune is an affection tune and there is the uplifting statements in the tune between the kid and young lady. They are communicating their affection through this tune video.

Eknarayan Bhandari composed the verses of this excellent tune where the music is created by Chiranjibi GC and the tune in this tune is filled by Chiranjibi GC and Devi Gharti. You can see such a large number of on-screen characters caught in this video and their move is exceptionally engaging. Naresh Bir Singh coordinated this tune video where the cinematography is finished by Karan Chaisir. It is altered by Prabin Reshmi Magar. Naresh Bir Singh and Parbati Rai are the primary models in this tune.

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