Pashupati Sharma Dashain Song 2073 Babiyo Katera Ft.Samjhana Bhandari


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Babiyo Katera is the most recent nepali dashain tihar melody from one of the top lok dohori artist pashupati sharma. He have composed verses furthermore formed music for this melody. Vocal in this melody is givem by pashupati with female vocalist samjhana bhandari.

In this music video we can see pashupati sharma playing himself as a craftsman alongside female vocalist samjhana bhandari. Babbu thapa have coordinated and jogendra kc have chreographed this music video in which milan bk is the editorial manager and durga poudel is the cameraman.

Vocalist – Pashupati Sharma and Samjhana Bhandari

Verses/Music – Pashupati Sharma

Craftsman – Pashupati Sharma and Samjhana Bhandari

Choreographer – Jogendra K.C

Proofreader – Milan B.K

Camera – Durga Poudel

Chief – Babbu Thapa
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