POWER NEWS With Prem Baniya about Royal mascara


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

It's been 15 years that our late King and his whole family was k!l^led. He was best who was cherished by the whole national and after his killed nothing right is occurring in this nation. Numerous homicide in Nepal is been the point of interest yet no individuals are gotten and rebuffed.

He was slaughtered and after that it was told his own particular tune executed him and later he murdered himself however no any individuals trusts this. Also, after their passing sibling of King Birendra was made ruler and than he began to manage the country yet he couldn't do it more like his sibling. Lord Birendra was one of the ruler who was been cherished by whole country and bunches of individuals got break because of this !nc!dent.

Everybody needed to found the criminal however nothing is been gotten. The criminal is strolling uninhibitedly and this is been the theme of interest where the reason and answer is still covered up. Just King Birendra and his family who were dead knows who executed them and everybody is living with this inquiry where the answer is still covered up. Here is the video where you can hear the perspectives of this era individuals about the lord Birendra.
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