Romantic H@t Short Movie "CHANCE MA DANCE 2"


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali short motion picture has been transferred on YouTube and it is extremely entertaining. The title of the short film is 'Chance mama Dance 2' and it has been transferred on authority YouTube channel of Anurodh Nepal. The short motion picture is interesting however mindfulness demonstrating in the meantime.

In the short motion picture a specialist is sitting in his facility and checking his patients. He gets drained and since there is no patient he choose to go out to get natural air. He tells his peon that he is going out. The peon then again gets irate and turns into the specialist. He wears his cover and conveyed the stethoscope and sits on the seat.

A patient comes and it is a young lady. The peon takes a gander at her and concludes that he enjoys her. He takes her inside and begins to go about as though he is checking her. Be that as it may, he is really touching her. He does numerous things to her. In any case, the young lady gets befuddled and stops her. She says that her tooth hurt$ and she needs to get it checked. The peon gets sh)cked and surges out to see what he can discover. He acts like he is checking her yet the specialist comes and he gets $c@red. He opens his overskirt and puts in on the work area and flees.

The specialist then again goes in and tells the lady reality and she gets $h)cked.

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