"Siriri Batasai Chalyo" Romantic New Lok Song By Devi Gharti


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The title of this melody is siriri batasai chalyo in which vocal is given by devi gharti and laxman rana. This music video is created and circulated by aashaya advanced pvt ltd. Shiva hamal have composed verses furthermore formed music for this tune. We can see rina as a female model in this melody and laxman as male model in this tune.

This music video is coordinated and chreographed by babbu thapa. Devi Gharti (Singer, Performer) is one of the prevalent vocalist among the Nepali Music Lovers . Favored with a brilliant voice, she has touched the hearts of millions with her melodies. She has demonstrated her flexibility in the field of music with her different singing style in different type.

Tune: Siriri Batasai Chalyo

Vocal: Devi Gharti and Laxman Rana

Verses/Music: Shiva Hamal

Model: Rina/Laxman

Executive: Babbu Thapa

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