हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

We have to agree with Prabhudheva, this is indeed one of the best dance shows! You will be shocked, stunned, amazed by the participants on this show, because each of them is truly unbelievable! You really, really can’t choose, because it would be one difficult choice. So last night, Prabhudheva and Sonu Sood were on Dance Plus 2. The team paid a fitting tribute to the dance master! The Wild Ripperz, B.A.N.D.I.TS., Mang Mia and Ele angels performed yesterday and were just amazingly awesome! Seriously, there are no words! And then of course, Prabhudheva himself performed and got a standing ovation! How is that surprising now? After a grand episode last night, we were really wondering how tonight’s episode was going to live up to those standards and boy we were so wrong! Because this episode was equally fantastic!

First performance was Piyush Bhagat’s who was just brilliant, he had a ear for the beats on the song. His movements were quick, agile and just too awesome. He left Prabhudheva tongue tied. Now Piyush is a big fan of Prabhudheva, he actually requested him to come on stage and teach him a step or two. Next was the Urban Singh crew who performed based ona beautful Sikh concept and it was very hitting! The dance was on point and the concept was way beyond! Even they asked Prabhudheva and Sonu Sood to teach them some Tolly wood steps! They then danced to one of their songs from Tutak tutak Tutiya. Next was Sushant Khatri’s performance who was too cute and the concept of danicng to a deaf girl was just too touching. Shakti gave him a standing ovation! Then Sushant and Raghav did a dance together and it was just too good! prabhudheva was just out of words for all the contestants. He was short of words because he had used them all in all his previous performances. Next was Tanay Malhara who has already secured the the first spot in the finals. Prabhudheva was stunned when he performed the back flip! Out of the 8 that performed, The Ripperz and Piyush Bhagat got the maximum votes, but it is Piyush who takes the 2 spot in the finals! Congratulations! Piyush has now joined Tanay Malhara.

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