हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

RATNANAGAR, Chitwan, July 10 – Nepalese living in Australia raised more than Rs 500,000 to help two Chitwan locale based philanthropy organisations– Adarsha Griha and Hamro Ghar. The associations have been working in the field of youngster protection.The Nepalese connected with Chitwan Samaj Australia and Nepal Australian Youth Association gave the budgetary support.Programme facilitator of Adarsh Griha, Mina Kharel said that the Griha was given Rs 329,000 and Hamro Ghar got Rs 200,000 money related support.Adarsh Griha has been ensuring and restoring powerless ladies and kids and Harmo Ghar has been restoring road children.There are presently 21 road kids at Hamro Ghar and 23 vulnerable ladies and kids at Adarsh Griha, included Kharel.The associations said that the monetary backing would be spent in taking care of the kids and ladies taking haven at the organisations.Kharel expressed gratitude toward for the backing and called attention to further backing in days ahead.

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