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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Archana Paneru who is learning at evaluation 10 posted bare photographs on her facebook page which got great spotlight inside 24 hours. She additionally communicated that she needed to be a porn star like Sunny Leone. When her photographs got viral for 24 hours, police arrested her and in the wake of getting got by police, she dropped her intend to be porn star. Preceding entering sensual displaying, Archana went to Little Buddha Academy Mahendranagar and was the second runner off in Price and Princess of Mahendranagar excellence challenge. Taking after the media outrages including her bare photographs, Archana was allegedly removed from the school.

Archana has more than once said in media meets that she takes Bolloywood on-screen character and previous porn-star Sunny Leone as a motivation. A few people have contrasted Archana and another well known previous suggestive Nepali model in the USA, Bindu Pariyar. Bindu's case, be that as it may, was of human trafficking and impulse, while, Archana is said to do everything intentionally.

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