Chakkapanja Exclusive video By Dipa shree Niraula


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An amusing lady performers change themselves into various characters on screen. While some of these characters can inspire the crowd, others are adulated by the pundits, and a couple neglect to get the acknowledgment. Yet, what sway does a character makes on the performer who depicts it? Five performers of Nepali film industry offer with Sangita Shrestha about the best characters they have played . I am known for comic parts. Yet, I needed to fill the role of a genuine friend in the film Wada Number 6. It was a test for me to pull off the part. I inquired about on the disposition of previous Moist confidants, their method for living, and talking, to legitimize that character. Despite the fact that it was hard to play out the part, I was later refreshing for my execution political pioneers Hisila Yami and Baburam Bhattarai additionally commended my work in the film.
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