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Not a solitary day goes off nowadays without the news of street mischances guaranteeing lives of the general population. No sooner had the Karnali street mishap happened in Jajarkot in which a few dozen individuals were killed a fortnight back, a transport mischance asserted six lives in Prithvi Highway a day or two ago when the speeding transport slipped off the street to dive in the Trishuli River. Comparative major and minor mischances happen routinely on the roadways, feeder streets and reasonable climate tracks slaughtering travelers and suburbanites. Such mishaps happen in the capital city and different urban areas outside the Valley too constantly demanding substantial toll on the life of the general population. In spite of the fact that the similar measurements are not accessible within reach to enlighten plainly regarding the circumstance, the street mischance overhauls conveyed by neighborhood media show that Nepal ought to best the nations where such deadly consequences murder a bigger number of individuals than some other fiascos. What makes such mortal mischances happen in this nation and why the concerned powers and partners demonstrate no specific concern and sensibilities to avert and relieve the circumstance is an unavoidable issue. What is bewildering in this connection is the absence of affectability and obligation with respect to the state powers to investigate the circumstance and start conceivable measures to minimize the street dangers. It demonstrates that the human sensibility, life regarding feelings and sentiments of the pioneers and state powers have been dulled and desensitized in Nepal. This can be envisioned of just in the pre-state Hobbesian period when no one regarded anyone and no power existed, by, to implement request and regard to life. In addition, it is additionally a tragic impression of disintegration in and inadequacy and crippling of administration in the nation. A vital component adding to expanded frequencies of vehicular mischances is the proceeded with disregard and decay of the streets in the nation. One can envision the breaking down circumstance.

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