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Deepa Shree saya ahout marriage with deepak
The marriage issue of Deepa Shree Niraula was dependably in the lime light however this time her on-screen accomplice Deepak Raj Giri has been maneuvered into the issue. Profound who is particularly cognizant about her vocation is still unmarried and it has been cur!ous issues in the general population's mind 'when she will get married?'.dipak-raj-giri-and-Dipa-shri-niraula-The issues of her marriage as of late has got more hot and up in the general population cur!osity when her onscreen accomplice Deepak Raj Giri was requested that wed with her by celebrated writer Rishi Dhamala in a meeting. This time the general population have 'will these two on-screen couple get hitched, all things considered?' 'was Deepak the reason that Deepa is still unmarried?' or 'Is Deepa is sitting tight for Deepak?'

Well individuals at last Deepa and Deepak has talked sulk about it with the media. In a meeting they both have clarified that they are not getting hitched. At the point when Deepa was gotten some information about the meeting of Deepak with Rishi Dhamala then she replied with chuckle that she found out about it and entirely stunned that they took out her marriage as issue in there. She additionally included that she was truly glad that she as their sister was would have liked to improve future in wedded life.Well s for Deepak he was assaulted by Rishi Dhamala in his meeting show 'Dhamala ko hamala' where is was hard for Deepak to escape from his inquiries and contentions. Deepak said that there is nobody enormous humorist than Rishi Dhamala as awesome entertainer Hari Bansa Acharya additionally can't stand him out.

In the meeting they both got it out that they have been well in their on-screen organization and accomplice as maker furthermore draw out the thing that there are other relationship amongst men and ladies past the marriage as well. So individuals ought to likewise comprehend this reality and act as indicated by it.

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