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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

A pooch in the wake of being worshiped amid the Kukur Tihar festivalin Nepal. The second day is called Kukur Tihar or Khichā Pujā (love of the mutts). It is known as the Khicha Puja by the Newars.

Kukur Tihar Kukur Tihar The second day of tihar is devoted to the most faithful companion of humanity. Kukur, the pooch, Puja is finished by putting a red tika on canine's brow and bloom festoon around the neck offering him sustenances and sel roti. By and large male puppies are worshiped. It is said canine can see imperils and the demise coming. Third day – Gai (dairy animals) Puja and Laxmi Puja On the third day of tihar Cows are adored in the morning. Dairy animals are revered with sesame oil light, laurel of blossom and red shading (abir). Wheat flour, sel roti, rice and dal are encourage to bovines. Followers attempt to go in the middle of four legs of the cow. Bovine is viewed as mother in Hindu religion, as we grow up drinking her drain. Some look cow as Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of riches and flourishing.

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