Latest Dausi Bhaile Song 2072/2015 By Muna Thapa Magar


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Prapti Music and Creation Present's

Prapti Paudel's New Tihar Lok Song " Deusi Ra Bhailo"

PRBT : 60543501 and SMART : 30166229

Collection : Deusi Bhailo "Jatatatai Makhamali Fulyo"

Vocal : Thaman Pariyar, Muna Thapa Magar and Prem Sagar Paudel

Msic : Thaman Pariyar

Verses : Prapti Paudel

Sound and Video : Prapti Music and Creation

Acting : Shiva B.K. furthermore, Jyoti Magar

Camera : Shambhu Chalise

Altering : Rabin B.K.

Heading : Shiva B.K.

Video Made by : 4S Media Pvt Ltd

Bhailo and Deusi Re are customary tunes that are sung amid the celebration of light Dipavali furthermore called "Tihar" in Nepal. Youngsters and adolescents sing the tunes and move as they go to different homes in their group, gathering cash, desserts, sustenance and giving endowments for thriving. Bhailo is by and large sung by young ladies, while Deusi is sung by young men. Toward the end of these melodies, the lady of the house serve nourishment and offer cash to these deusi/bhailo vocalists and artists. Consequently, the Deusi/Bhailo group gives gifts for high wage and flourishing. The source about deusi bhailo is not clear. However the tune shows that it is identified with lord Mahabali,[how?] since the verses incorporate "We were sent by ruler Bali". Deusire can be separated as Deu-which implies give, and Sire-which implies head. So Deusire signifies 'give head'. As indicated by Puranas King Bali gave his own make a beeline for Vamana, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Bali was playing out the ashwamedhya yagya when Vamana approaches Bali and requests three paces of land. Bali was exceptionally prominent for offering donations to any one who went to his royal residence. Bali consented to satisfy his request. To Bali's extraordinary astound, Vamana with his two stages secured the Earth and the Universe and asked the colossal ruler where he would put his third step. Bali then offered his own head. Master Vishnu, seeing the commitment of bali, favored him and raised to him to Suthala, the preeminent position in paradise. For Bali most noteworthy contributions philanthropy, he picked up Lord Vishnu's support furthermore achieved salvation. There is likewise a faith in the month of Kartik (the month when Baliraja gave his head) on the off chance that one gives something, it will do great to the charity supplier.

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