Man Catches Senior Congress Leader in Compromising Position at His Office


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The 39 seconds in length video demonstrates the Congress pioneer in a bargaining position with a lady at his living arrangement office in Gorakhpur area of Uttar Pradesh.

As indicated by reports, the young lady in the video is the girl of 60-year-old pioneer's cleaning specialist. The footage starts with the man recording the video entering the pioneer's office and discovering him on the bed with the young lady. When the individual recording the episode achieves near them, the startled congress pioneer keeps running for his garments.

The cameraman can be heard asking the young lady "when did you come here and what's going on with you?" Hearing this, the pioneer said that she has quite recently gone to the workplace.

After that, the cameraman asked the pioneer "what were you doing with her?" and not long after the camera began shaking obviously demonstrating that the previous chairman was attempting to grab it from the individual shooting the whole occurrence.

The video has now circulated around the web and Congress area president Dinesh Yadav said that the gathering is stressed over the episode and will investigate the matter.

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