Most recent Nepali Comedy Song 2016 Na Aafaile Janne


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Shiva Darshan Digital Presents New Latest Comady Dashai Song 2073 which is titled as na afaile janne. In this melody vocal is given by man singh khadka and devi gharti. We can see gayatri thapa as a female craftsman alongside kamal gaule who is one of the entertainer craftsman.

Sandesh darlami have composed verses for this melody. Music was made by suresh play on words. This music video is created and disseminated by shiva darshan movies pvt ltd. It was coordinated by prabin resmi magar with cinematographer karan chaisir. It was later altered by prabin resmi magar.

Melody:- Na Aafaile Janne

Vocal:- Man Singh Khadka and Devi Gharti

Verses:- Sandesh Darlami

Music:- Suresh Pun

Sound/video:- Shiva Darshan Films Pvt. Ltd.

Model:- Gayatri Thapa and Kamal Gaule

Bearing : Prabin Resmimagar

Cinematographer : Karan Chaisir

Alter : Prabin Resmimagar

Generation Executive : Gayatri Thapa


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