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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

An aggravating video of a mother getting heartlessly tormented by her own child and girl in-law has been uncovered and made viral. The present video demonstrates an old lady getting severely treated and tormented by her own most youthful child and even endeavored to slaughter her. The video demonstrate the casualty, Mayawati Vaidya, lying on the ground and her child remaining above him, curving and bowing her legs and dragging her over the floor, while his better half was recording the entire demonstration. She snickers over and over shooting the torment done upon the old lady. The casualty is accounted for to be 82-years of age who has been living with her child and girl in-law in Mumbai. In the mean time, the old lady is kicked by her little girl in-law. Her child even undermines her expression they have to cut her with a blade. The DN Nagar police have captured the offender child, for tormenting his mom, and act shot by his better half. A NGO had grumbled to the police in the wake of accepting a video of the man winding his octogenerian mother's legs while she shouted out in agony. Notwithstanding it has not yet been uncovered why he tormented his own old mother.

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