No Tension Episode 44


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

As indicated by breathtaking Bobbi-Jo Westley, her sizable saddlebags and 10 stone legs make her irre$istible to men and they additionally welcome the bigger woman.

She is 48 year old from Pennsylvania, America and is a model She is known in the Super Size Big Beautiful Women displaying group for extraordinary figure. Also, she is it with men around the globe on account of her bum and hips. Her fans sprinkle out on hot webcam sessions.

She said, 'I'm extremely sure and it's my body so in the event that I need to demonstrate the world me n@ked or in bra and underwear that is the thing that I do. I'm popular for my h!ps and for my butt. It's the principal thing that individuals take note.'

She is 490 lbs bit still claims that she eats for the most part plates of mixed greens and she likewise includes that her size is basically because of a thyroid condition.

She included, 'I adore plate of mixed greens; I can eat it throughout the day. I likewise like grill chicken and grill pork slashes. I adore macaroni and cheddar and I cherish rice as well. I'm not quite a bit of a sweet eater but rather I do like enormous cakes.'

In the wake of being drawn closer on the web, 3 year prior, Bobbi got into demonstrating.

The mother of 5 began to heap weight around her hips and butt after each of her pregnancies despite the fact that she had dependably been marginally greater. She even built up an under-dynamic thyroid. Presently she makes $2,000 a month from her webcam sessions and displaying work. Her stage name is the Ultimate Pear. She gets 40-50 Facebook messages a day from men asking for express pictures and webcam sessions. These sessions can last from anything from a couple of minutes to 60 minutes.

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