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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Ratna Park stays one of just a modest bunch couple of open places left in the heart of Kathmandu. For some it is the fundamental halfway discovered space where people don't need to eat up. As the city turns out to be exponentially, less need is given to open spots. Over the range of passing by Ratna Park its importance to the all inclusive community got the chance to act naturally clear. They go there to search for the shade, make tracks in an opposite direction from the clamoring city and blend. The stories conferred to us are as contrasted as the all inclusive community themselves. We met people from all over Nepal, from different walks around life, occupations and social classes.he merging of people into the city since the Maoist conflict, has provoked the absence of space. In contemporary Kathmandu new meeting spots are made for use, for instance, the malls. As one man unmistakably put it "here I don't have to eat up, to stay in the amusement focus". The people who don't use it routinely ignore the amusement focus; it is conventionally seen as an adulterating spot for the lower class, a spot for wrongdoing and prostitution. What we found through our experience was something, which renounced the predominant perspective. We found the entertainment focus intriguing. The individual stories shared to us, made it clear that the entertainment focus is a resting place, and in addition a spot where various make their occupation. By making representations of the overall public we met, we expected to individualize a part of the all inclusive community who make up the entertainment focus. They are the ones who make its atmosphere, its turbulent nature and its allure. It is through their stories that we understood the centrality of the entertainment focus. By dismissing the centrality that the amusement focus holds for its customers, its future is being alluded to by the people who hope to clean Kathmandu of its "undesirable" parts. We see it in a surprising way. We are intrigued by a spot that holds such a broad sum Kathmandu's contemporary history. It is a spot where we have made sidekicks, listened to their stories and pondered about its crazy nature.

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