Saudi Katar Dubai Jane Dai | New Lok Song (Raju Pariyar & Purnakala BC) - HD


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

In Lyrics of Lalit KC's Muisc and Lyrics

Purna Kala B.C and Raju Pariyar's

New Nepali Lok Song

"Saudi Qatar Dubai Jaani Dai"

From New Lok Album "Khadi Muluk Volume-3"

Verses of This Song

Female : Auda Pani Dashain Ra Tihar

Hajur Kina Aaisinaa Piyaraa

Saudi Qatar Dubai Jane Dai

Sarai Dukha Paa Chin Re bhandinu

Bhetyeu bhne Mero Mayalai .....

Male :Chhad Baad Auda Samjher Rudi Hunn

Kathai Chori Khoi Baba Bhandi Hun

Chutti Paye Ghar Pharkine dai

Yo saal Ghar Pharkanai Arko Barsa Aula Bhandeu HAI

Yo abhagi Ghar phira sakina Arko Barsa Auchu Bhandeu Hai ..

About Nepalese in Gulf Countries : Saudi Qatar and Dubai

Nepalese drifters in these Gulf countries were all around youthful colleagues between 26-35 years of age. Awkward advancement livelihoods including laborer, scaffolder, jack of all trades and carpenter were the most broadly perceived occupations. Prosperity issues were expansive and one fourth of study individuals reported experiencing wounds or setbacks at work inside the latest 12 months. The rates of prosperity issues and accidents reported were in a general sense the same as in the three countries. Emerge third of the respondents were given with assurance to prosperity organizations by their chief. Nonappearance of leave for ailment, cost and fear of losing their occupation were the deterrents to getting to human administrations organizations. The study found that advancement and agricultural workers will presumably experience mishaps at their workplace and prosperity issues than various experts.

The disclosures propose crucial messages for the movement game plan makers in Nepal. There is a nonappearance of adequate information for the vagrants making them aware of their prosperity risks and rights in association with prosperity organizations in the goal countries and we suggest that the governing body of Nepal should be responsible for giving this information. Directors should give presentation on possible prosperity dangers and appropriate get ready for preventive measures and terrifically essential access to human administrations organizations to each one of their experts.

Development of people has been a run of the mill wonder taking after the begin of human advancement. With growing amounts of people moving beginning with one country then onto the following, homeless people's prosperity has transformed into a key overall general prosperity issue . There is a high hazard that low-talented homeless people from low pay countries work in risk slanted working conditions since they when in doubt recognize the occupations that are rejected by adjacent workers . Industrialized countries are enthused about the enlistment of vagrants from poor countries for physical work and the homeless people are frequently given brief contracts . Minimized get-togethers, for instance, homeless people or ethnic minority totals as often as possible have inadequate access to therapeutic administrations organizations with poor acquisition of prosperity organizations, cumbersome region of prosperity organizations and social complexities being the limits to access to human administrations . South Asian countries are the key suppliers of vagrant authorities to the Gulf countries.

The development of Nepalese people for remote work began right on time in the nineteenth century. The impression of Nepalese drifters has on a very basic level moved from "Overall warriors to Global workers" in the midst of the latest couple of decades. Existing poverty, confined job open doors, disintegrating rustic effectiveness and equipped conflict are a bit of the reasons for all inclusive work development . Most nation families in Nepal depend on upon the benefit of no short of what one relative who is used a long way from home . Nepalese homeless people, especially from focus or low class families, are moving by chance to different countries . It has been surveyed that starting late more than 500 Nepalese people for consistently go to another nation for remote occupation .

Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS) found that 66% of Nepali working abroad were used in the Gulf countries, for the most part in Saudi Arabia (42%), Qatar (11.5%) and United Arab Emirates (9%) [15]. Most of the Nepalese homeless people in the Gulf countries are incorporated into considerable physical work on road building regions or improvement goals, much of the time in high temperatures [18]. The Government of Nepal prohibited new enlistments of female vagrants for embarking to work in the Gulf countries in 1998 to ensure against the physical and sexual abuse. As the Government of Nepal has lifted the blacklist in 2003, female vagrants are allowed to work in the sorted out division, for instance, in recuperating offices, lodgings and shops
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