Social Awareness Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Nowa days it is gotten to be design in Nepal delivering sort of named social mindfulness short motion pictures, a few motion pictures are discovered instructive and the majority of them are simply earning substantial sums of money over the youtube sounded. However, today we have short film delivered by AB Picture Farm motion picture called Girl Fried. Watch the motion picture and impart to your family and firend. It is truly speard the word for our group social mindfulness.

Nepali film industry has got its won history-in the field of making movies,but it has got its own particular pattern and culture which is taken from our own particular custom where we can discover more than one hundred social differences as indicated by positions, geology and legacy of nation. It is known as "Nepali Chalchitra" or kollywood industry. Moreover, Nepali Movies are the key apparatus to give a training and mindfulness towards the crowds about social, political, economic,and different issues of the general public.

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