Susma Karki received an offer of 2 lakh per night through Facebook


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Sushma Karki is well known model and on-screen character of Nepali film industry. She appeared her acting vocation from the film Mero Euta Saathi Cha. Sushma Karki blamed the makers for her after creation film "Bar" of lewd behavior. She says she had declined to do any overnight boardinghouse scenes in the film yet she saw an exposed person going to performing artist room. She likewise blamed generation group for staying in young ladies group. Notwithstanding, the creation group declines to acknowledge the allegations.

Sushma Karki is a developing Nepalese on-screen character. She has worked in numerous Nepalese movies, music recordings and stage appears. She is hot, charming and excellent on-screen character who has considerably more different gifts, for example, moving and demonstrating. Her eminent work is the Item number on "Plunder" film "Udhreko Choli".

In a meeting distributed in Nepali week after week Saptahik, Sushma Karki has bragged that she had gotten an offer of 2 lakh for every night. In spite of the fact that she told that she didn't care for such fans she has met many people who thought 'each on-screen character fill in as call young ladies' and 'each performer engage in sexual relations recordings'. Sushma has understood that it is exceptionally hard to live like an immaculate performing artist.
In the meeting (connected over the first, in Nepali), she told that once a man called her amidst the night and offered 1 lakh for the night. In another occurrence she had gotten an offer of 2 lakh for every night through Facebook.

Sushma gladly included, "1-2 lakh is not a little sum. Sushma has something that is drawing in individuals." She included, "The main distinction is, they took the fascination as sex not as adoration ."

It is to be noticed that Sushma's questionable motion picture "Bindaas" was discharged on the day her meeting was distributed. Sushma is known to be open in sex related points who says 'sex is typical nowadays'.
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