Tachad Machad -Nepali Comedy|| 2016


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

That a romantic tale starts between two love winged animals hailing from Tista and another from Nepal, a limit which isolates two ethnic groups. Maker addressing VOS cleared that is it where the title 'Tista Pari Ko Saino' develops from.Making a short imagining synopsis of the flim the Producer Shri YK Megi significantly renews that the shooting of 'Tista Pari Ko Saino' was brought about by Shri Garja Man Gurung in an exceptionally lucrative manner keeping all structures, idea manifestations of interlocking custom and culture as a main priority and perusing the comprehensive acknowledgment of viewers consummately to their desire. Fascinating thing about the motion picture is that practically every vacation spot and places over the condition of Sikkim has been imagined amid the shooting.

In this film, the noticeable spots incorporate Buddha Park of Rabong South Sikkim, Temi Tea Garden in South Sikkim, Asia's positioned most profound Singshore suspension extension of West Sikkim, Heavenly Rhododendron Sanctuary Barsey of West Sikkim and other fascinating spots of Sikkim.

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