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I am going to explicitly answer this as far as one male tiger going up against one male lion.

Albeit female lions chase as prides, male lions spend a large portion of their lives alone. They are constrained out of the pride when they stretch around two years.

In the event that they figure out how to assume control over their very own pride they will normally just figure out how to keep it for two or three years. Amid the time they have a pride they will invest the vast majority of their energy battling off potential usurpers.

When they don't have a pride they every now and again battle with other lone guys that they find and obviously pride guys in their endeavors to take control of a pride.

In this way, a male lion spends his life battling. Indeed they invest so much energy battling and not eating legitimately and worried that they just live to around ten years of age while females generally live to around fifteen.

The reason a male lion has a mane is for safeguard in battling. They battle like wrestlers, going head to head, holding each other and attempting to overwhelm each other. I have watched them battling commonly and have gone over two dead guys throughout the years. Both had been chomped through the spine. From what I have perused, this is essentially the standard.

In this way, the mane is an entirely compelling safeguard in a feline battle. To get round it requires some genuine predominance in the battle as it means out wrestling the adversary to the point of having the capacity to nibble them through the spine. Tigers don't have this safeguard. They don't have it since they once in a while battle.

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