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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bhai tika is the last, and the most imperative day of Tihar. In this day, the sisters apply Tika to their siblings' brow (and henceforth, given the name as 'Bhai Tika'), express gratitude toward them for the assurance they give. The Tika is bright, which comprises of seven hues and called as 'Saptarangi Tika' in Nepali. Alongside the Tika, the sisters offer laurels of Marigold and Chrysanthemum (these days the plastic readymade festoons are additionally used to some degree, on account of shortage of the blossoms), desserts, and exceptional dishes for them. The sisters appeal to God for the siblings' long lives, and sit down to chat with them, and appreciate the supper together.

This is trusted that Yamaraj, the God of death seeks the siblings, and the supplications of the sisters spare their lives (as a blessing to the sisters for their token of affection). Siblings sit in a specific place, and the sisters do the puja, which comprises of dropping oil from a copper pitcher on the floor and applying it to the sibling's hair. Consequently, the siblings likewise apply tika of five hues (pancharangi tika) to the sister's brow, and give them something as blessing (it can be a whole of money, garments or anything materialistic). The individuals who don't have sisters or siblings do it with cousins or close relatives. The sanctuary inside Rani Pokhari of Kathmandu is open this day for the individuals who don't have siblings or sisters to assemble here and apply tika viewing themselves as soul kin. The Bhai Tika is an essential day for the Hindu, to fortify the relationship amongst siblings and sisters.

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