हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

With the begin of storm and absence of street repairs, danger of avalanches and mischances has undermined transportation along different thruways in the western region.A lady was killed as avalanches at Mauribhir along the Pokhara-Baglung Highway hit a jeep on Thursday. The 72 kilometer thruway has likewise been hit by comparative landslips at different areas while its blacktopping has been gravely harmed at Lumle, Nayapul, Dhawa and a few segments in Parbat.Road professionals said the harm was created because of the repeating quakes and the subsequent landslips. Issues could compound with the downpours as underground splits have been dreaded to have created in a few spots, they said.Drivers whined that the street is restricted on one side and harmed on the other. Long-term driver Chiranjivi Rimal said it is hard to surpass or tolet a vehicle pass. "There is insufficient space even to give a motorbike a chance to go through," he said. By and large, more than 1,300 vehicles employ the Pokhara-Baglung thruway day by day.

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