हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The stunning footage accepted to have been shot in Brazil demonstrates a lady brutally beating her adoration rival and afterward pulling her along the asphalt by her hair.The one-minute clasp starts with the suspected philanderer as of now being ambushed by the angry mate outside a building.She can be seen sticking to metal bars outside what resembles a piece of pads as the despised lady snatches a lump of her hair and over and again smacks her in the head.The lady in a dark dress is emphatically littler than her assailant, who viciously yanks her off the bars by her hair before dragging her along the pavement.Two other individuals can be seen remaining on the opposite side of the bars obviously staggered by the scene developing before them.The camera takes after the pair along the street before clearly quickly ceasing and after that continuing as the wife and lady in a green shirt get the fancy woman and hurl her off a scaffold into a pool of water below.As the clasp closes the lady can be seen remaining move down evidently unharmed.

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