Woman born without arms is an example of perfection


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For this motivational lady being conceived without arms has not demonstrated a handicap. She has adjusted to life utilizing her feet. 32 year old Jessica Cox was conceived without arms keeping in mind she wore prosthetic appendages as a youngster. She in the long run surrendered them for utilizing her feet to perform regular errands.

She says, 'nothing can substitute the material capacity of fragile living creature and bone – and my feet have that capacity.' Achieving merits that the vast majority would be unbelievably glad for, she has been demonstrating that she can do anything that individuals with arms can do from that point forward. In the wake of figuring out how to fly a plane with her feet, she turned into the primary lady without arms to get a pilot's permit five years back. She additionally turned into the main armless dark belt in the American Tae Kwon Do Association. She got hitched to 30 year old Patrick Chamberlain. He was a teacher at the school, demonstrating that her incapacity would not be a hindrance to love. Mrs Cox continually demonstrates that her handicap would not hold her back as she can drive an auto without alterations, sort on a console and even play the piano.

She said, 'Actually individuals saw me not having arms as a restricting variable but rather I was there to demonstrate them off-base. At three years of age I was included in tumbling, at six I began tap moving lessons, I did demonstrating, I swam at five, 10-years of age I was doing Tae Kwon Do, I did each action you could envision. Patrick, was a fourth-degree dark belt and he was instructing a class with my companion, and we hit it off immediately. We became more acquainted with each other on a teacher understudy premise and met outside of school at get-togethers. He proceeded onward to an alternate Tae Kwon Do school inevitably and he asked me out and the rest was history.' Jessica and Patrick live respectively in Tucson, Arizona who got hitched in 2012. There she carries on with her life freely.

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