5-Year-Old Girl Becomes The Guide Of Her Blind Father – Heartwarming Story


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

An inspiring video of a five-year-old young lady managing her visually impaired father to work has turned into a web sensation.

The young lady's dad Nelson Pepe, otherwise called 'Dodong', takes a shot at a coconut cultivate in the Philippines for around $9 a day.

His young little girl Jenny joyfully helps him stroll to work each day by controlling him with a stick, ABS-CBN reported.

Look down for video.Mr Pepe is paid around 300 pesos (AU$9) a day for scaling to 60 coconut trees on the ranch.

The video was caught by Rhuby Capunes and transferred to her Facebook page on June 10. It has since had more than 2 million perspectives.

The footage demonstrates Jenny holding one end of a long stick as her dad holds the other. She utilizes the stick as a guide, strolling shoeless through the homestead in a dress.

The combine stop for a break and Jenny hands her dad a drink of water before he begins work.

After the video increased worldwide consideration the ABS-CBN Foundation went to Mr Pepe and Jenny in the Philippines.

The establishment wants to move the family to a more secure environment.

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