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Nepal is a poor landlocked nation situated on south east of Asia. Despite the fact that it is rich on a wide range of center assets yet at the same time it is poor nation. From my blog I need to share my musings on this specific subject with intension of social event all sort of contemplations and feelings from every one of the viewers. I especially exhorted all viewers to acknowledge as test and please join as a group. Achievement won't come unless we advance. I accept, for any achievement creating thoughts is initial step to push ahead. Those individuals who knew about Nepal, we as a whole know it is a lovely nation, rich on common assets and all the more essentially natural surroundings of consideration individuals. With every one of those characters however Nepal is still Poor nation. Two quarter of populace live on neediness level, on a skirt of fall, absence of required administrations to residents and there are numerous progressively where its demonstrates every single required character to be name as poorest nation. Also, correspondingly it has all characters to a rich nation. For instance, Nepal is second wealthiest nation on clean waters, country of lovely situations, living space of a few one of a kind creatures and feathered creatures, loaded with assets and numerous some more. I can continue for a considerable length of time to rundown each one of those. So with every one of those why still Nepal is a poor nation and what ought to be done to beat such deterrents?

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