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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Crossing the street and moving up a little trail. "I need to show you something." My sidekick had, it turned out, taken me on a trail that went as much up as over into the past. We were soon on a thin stone-cleared road. Tremendous Newar-style houses, greater than any I'd found in Kathmandu, remained on either side of the way. We had touched base in a town a very long while after it had bloomed, blasted, and afterward declined. The town was Dana in Myagdi area of west Nepal. It lay on the old salt/rice exchange course that went through the Kali Gandaki valley. The exchange course once associated Nepal's mid-slopes to Thak Khola. From that point it went assist north to Lo Manthang and in the long run into Tibet. All the more as of late, it had turned into a spot on the Annapurna trek delineate. Dana was a town fragrant of the success Thak Khola once delighted in. Everything reflected extravagance: palatial houses with substantial patios, sumptuous utilization of wood, elaborately cut windows, slate rooftops and orange plantations. In any case, time and the fluctuating fortunes had done their work as well. The patios were currently congested with grass, the suntala trees looked old and untended, the shades of the dividers had blurred, entryways were missing and windows were softened up spots. It was as though individuals and thriving had surrendered it overnight.

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