Bimal Gharti Magar Remembers His Late Sister At Victory – Interview


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bimal Gharti Magar is striker of Nepal Football Team who has been confronting hard time. After sudden death of his dad, he has been attempting to return to ordinary from the agony of losing father. In the wake of attempting to recuperate, he went to Belgium for an arrangement on a club where he got an offer. With joy he went to Belgium leaving his mom and sister in home. Following a week he got another torment of losing his sister Manisha Gharti Magar who is suspected to be killed by her sweetheart. Manisha's dead body has been conveyed to Kathmandu for post current though Bimal has returned back to Nepal from Belgium. All Nepali are in agony to face such hard time and are loving God for giving quality to our Nepali kid Bimal to confront another difficult circumstance of losing his little girl.

Bimal has communicated with his sister couple of hours prior on Facebook remark box before the demise of Manisha. As indicated by the police, it is said that her beau is suspected to execute her after they had a fight.

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