Boy Friend Ferda Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali h)t and $e^y short motion picture has been transferred on YouTube. The title of the short motion picture is Play Girl.

In the short motion picture a young lady calls her significant other to a place. He arrives and they begin to talk. She looks extremely strained and when the person inquires as to why she says that she can not wed him since his visa for USA was drop and now she can not advise about him to her folks. She severs with him and strolls.

The person tries to stop her yet she doesn't. In only a couple days she becomes more acquainted with another person through her telephone. Subsequent to talking for just a while she prepares to meet him. He lifts her up and he takes her to an eatery. They begin eating and talking. She goes to the wash room and the person then again exploits that and includes a pharmaceutical in her drink. Later she gets discombobulated and blacks out in view of the drink. The person conveys her and takes her to a room and r@pes her. She later ends up lying on an informal lodging to cry.

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