GHAS KATNA JADA -New Nepali Short Movie || 2016


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Short Film Festival is a spearheading film celebration in Nepal that showcases short movies from Nepal and around the globe. With 79 convincing and particular stories from everywhere throughout the world, Ekadeshma's fourth release starts from today. This year, they inform stories regarding social battles and self-disclosures, penned around both understudy producers and prestigious executives alike. The Week's Reya Shreya Rai addresses some of these capable movie producers on their thoughts and what they need to offer.Sankalpa is about a moderately aged man in a provincial town. He's somebody who doesn't have a solitary female nearness in his life; no mother, no spouse, no sister et cetera. Along these lines, I've attempted to depict the mental condition of somebody who doesn't have a lady in his life. I really got the motivation from a person in my town called Laxmi Prasad. It took a considerable measure of tolerance for me to witness the workings of his brain. I observed his whereabouts, propensities, and conduct design, the way he cooperated with individuals etc. This data, I deliberately ordered into my film. In this way, essentially Sankalpa is about Laxmi Prasad.
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