Interview with daughter of madan Bhandari Usha Kiran Bhandari


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Interview with daughter of madan Bhandari Usha Kiran Bhandari
Usha Kiran Bhandari young woman of The President Bidhya's talks about ladies bracing "My mom has experienced a long battle to reach over this post. It's a to an incredible degree fulfilled minute.

As a not all that terrible mother, I am sure that she will be a decent president who will have proactive and positive impact to take the country toward accomplishment", Ushakiran Bhandari, the senior young woman of the new president, told Xinhua solely. Her race as the formal president of this insignificant South Asian nation by overcoming a male contender has raised a trust over the spur of Nepalese ladies who have been doing battling high for indistinguishable closeness. "A fit lady in the position of head of state is really a tempting move. It displays that ladies closeness is adequate and allows to the minimized to move from their shrouded foundations. It's a stunner in South Asia", Nirmala Sharma, a senior lady writer, told Xinhua.

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