Joya And Jiwan Arrest By Nepal Police


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Keeping in mind the end goal to clear up the entire reality and settle down the issue, Aang Kami Sherpa had called Mina Kharel yesterday. Their communication was demonstrated live stream on Aang Kami's Facebook page. However amid cross examination with Mina Kharel, she impolitely acted with Aang Kami Sherpa and even undermined to enroll body of evidence against them. Aang now is engaging each Nepalese individuals to experience through this issue and help Joya and Jiban and have cautioned Mina Kharel and the CDO of Chitwan in anticipated days.The genuine story of Zoya and Jiban has turned into a disputable issue and still is most discussed in Nepali web-based social networking. However the couple now have settled their debate and mistaken assumptions and are currently over the span of driving their coexistence alongside their youngsters Miguel and Eric.

Kame Magar and Aang Kami Sherpa have been locked in and contributed alot to bring back Joya and Jiban together in their local land. Be that as it may, now when the couple has chosen to be as one, still a few blocks have been gotten their connection. Kame Magar has been recounting the entire story to Aang Kami Sherpa in New York about the episode.

Kame Magar clears up that he is simply helping the poor significant others Joya and Jiwan who got isolated because of destitution and some slip-up by Aadarsha Home situated in Chitwan Nepal where Joya remained for 4 months before she was sent back to Philippines for remaining as illicit settler in Nepal, in spite of the fact that she was hitched to Jiwan Magar and had two children yet they never enrolled their marriage and birth for their youngsters and never augmented the visa. However, while she was expelled, her children were additionally sent back to Philippines. Certain inquiries were raised against this demonstration of Adarsha Home and the affirmed choice of the originator.

Today originator of Adarsha Home, Mina Kharel, has guaranteed Kame Magar and Aang Kami Sherpa in her maligning and that of her association. In this manner, Zoya and Jiban are encoutering sure troubles for their marriage enrollment in Chitwan. It is even reported that Mahesh, the supporter of Joya and Jiban is captured by police in this course.

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