हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

There are heaps of CCTV camera continued the road so from that too Traffic see if the condition in the city is great or terrible. There are lost of CCTV camera which is covered up in the city. This all is accomplished for the improvement and keep the @cc!dent. Here is the footage of the road that is of Kathmandu, Tinkunne which you can see on this video also. Every one of the vehicles are proceeding onward the way and along these lines is joined with 3 ways and bunches of vehicles does here and there as it is the swarmed zone also. Here one of the auto is originating from the method for air terminal and another transport is moving along the road keeping in mind crossing that enormous transport h!ts the little auto as the auto pivots which you can see on this video also. After that there turns into the enormous group.

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