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A prepare is a type of rail transport comprising of a progression of vehicles that more often than not keeps running along a rail track to transport payload or travelers. Rationale power is given by a different train or individual engines in self-pushed various units. Albeit generally steam drive ruled, the most widely recognized current structures are diesel and electric trains, the last provided by overhead wires or extra rails. Other vitality sources incorporate steeds, motor or water-driven rope or wire winch, gravity, pneumatics, batteries, and gas turbines. Prepare tracks normally comprise of two running rails, some of the time supplemented by extra rails, for example, electric leading rails and rack rails, with a set number of monorails and maglev guideways in the blend. "Train" originates from the Old French trahiner, from the Latin trahere 'pull, draw'.

There are different sorts of trains that are intended for specific purposes. A prepare may comprise of a mix of at least one trains and connected railroad autos, or a self-moved various unit (or incidentally a solitary or explained fueled mentor, called a railcar). The principal trains were rope-pulled, gravity fueled or pulled by steeds. From the mid nineteenth century all were controlled by steam trains. From the 1910s onwards the steam trains started to be supplanted by less work concentrated and cleaner (yet more mind boggling and costly) diesel trains and electric trains, while at about a similar time self-pushed different unit vehicles of either power framework turned out to be a great deal more normal in traveler benefit.

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