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The Boryeong Mud Festival is a yearly celebration which happens amid the mid year in Boryeong, a town around 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea. The primary Mud Festival was organized in 1998 and, by 2007, the celebration pulled in 2.2 million guests to Boryeong.

The mud is taken from the Boryeong mud pads, and trucked to the Daecheon shoreline zone, where it is utilized as the centerpiece of the 'Mud Experience Land'. The mud is viewed as rich in minerals and used to produce beauty care products. The celebration was initially imagined as an advertising vehicle for Boryeong mud beautifying agents.

Despite the fact that the celebration happens over a time of around two weeks, it is most well known for its last end of the week, which is prominent with Korea's western populace. The last few days of the celebration ordinarily on the second end of the week in July.

History of the Festival[edit]

In 1996 a scope of makeup was delivered utilizing mud from the Boryeong mud pads. The beauty care products were said to be loaded with minerals, bentonites, and germaniums, all of which happen normally in the mud from the zone.

So as to advance these beauty care products, the Boryeong Mud Festival was considered. Through this celebration, it was trusted individuals would take in more about the mud and the beautifying agents. The celebration has gotten to be mainstream with both Koreans and western voyagers, and also American Military staff positioned in the nation, and outside English instructors working in Korea.


For the time of the celebration a few extensive attractions are raised in the seafront zone of Daecheon. These incorporate a mud pool, mud slides, mud jail and mud skiing rivalries. Shaded mud is likewise delivered for body painting. A substantial stage is raised on the shoreline, which is utilized for unrecorded music, rivalries and different other visual attractions.

A little market keeps running along the seafront offering beauty care products made utilizing the mud from Boryeong. Different wellbeing and magnificence centers offer back rubs, needle therapy and different medications using the restorative characteristics of the mud. The celebration is shut with a vast firecracker show

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