हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Solukhumbu is one of the 75 locale in Nepal. It accumulates the vast majority of the 3300 icy masses and 2300 artic pools of the nation. Occupants witness tremendous climatic changes in the Everest region. The most striking being the quick icy mass retreat, which have brought forth new lakes where there was just ice and snow. Those lakes are a risk for the populace, regular bombs, prepared to detonate. On the off chance that the water floods, it will clear away occupants, extensions, houses and towns. disregard tags:bbc narrative BBC documentaries full scenes full length history sciense saudi arabia space subbtitles MegaQuake North America nature planet creatures bbc skyline beat outfit northh korea dubai iraq iran syria welcome to india monster The Great Euro Crisis facebook google youtube web charge entryways steve occupations Mac iphone samsung world s4 english sony las vegas london kingdom the best main 10 best 15 20 Documentary BBC Horizon 2013 The Truth About Personality HD blackhole to appalling for affection

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