Nepali H@t Dance


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Nepali traditional music has a history since the season of King Mana Deva (567BS/510 AD). The traditional music could create, enhance and develop amid the Kirat Period, Lichchavi Period, Malla Period and Shah Period and also the Rana Period. After Rana rulers King Mahendra and Birendra assumed a part to advance traditional music through Radio and Durbar Concerts. Today numerous established artists live with music here as their calling. Many groups in particular Sursudha, Sukarma, Trikaal, Sampada , Kutumba are well known groups in Nepal. Established music associations, for example, Kalanidhi, Narayan Music Academy, Kirateswor, Kapan Sangit Sarowar, Yalamaya, Ram Mandir and Atul Memorial Gurukul have been arranging general open shows for the protection of eastern traditional music. Atul Memorial Gurukul is the principal established music Gurukul in Nepal..

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