हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali short motion picture has been transferred on YouTube and it is exceptionally interesting. In the short film a gathering of hulligans make an arrangement on the most proficient method to acquire cash. They go to a police auditors house and take his garments.

The police begins to hunt down them and the three then again begin to ransack individuals by wearing the uniform. Later they get got however even in the wake of getting caught, the pioneer begins to engage in extramarital relations with a similar overseer's sister.

The examiner gets extremely irate and takes both his sister and his uniform. In any case, later they upset him significantly more after another person from the gathering takes away the young lady he is going to wed. He tries to catch them and manage them. In any case, they keep running with their young lady and his sister. One of the examiner's companion additionally turns into their companion and begins to do a similar thing.

Later he additionally surrenders and chose to quit doing his work and do a similar thing.

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