Nepali Prank Video : Did you want ladies


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Prostitution is unlawful in Nepal. Yet at the same time when the sunsets there are a large number of men and ladies who go out to the avenues ordinary to offer themselves for cash. Another trick video has been transferred on YouTube and in the video a lady goes up to irregular men and begins conversing with them, Later she inquires as to whether they require a young lady cause she is immaculate young ladies and they can have a great time for Rs 2000.

The trick is extremely entertaining. The initial two men she goes up to are modest even to converse with her yet when she begins to discusses young ladies, they get stunned and deny the offer. Yet, they chuckle madly when they discover that it is only a trick. Later another young lady goes up to cluster of men and pulls a similar trick yet this time the men don't appear to mind. They are neither stunned nor shocked. They simply remain there loose and say no. The trick video is very amusing.

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