New Nepali Short Film “SAMBANDHA “


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Each relationship has it's own name, esteem and cutoff points. You can't act same to everybody. Here Hamro Online TV exhibits the film on which you will get the message of same thing. This is the relationship between the brother by marriage and sibling's significant other. This is such a genuine matter.

At the point when spouse goes to abroad in some cases ladies does a slip-up getting in undertaking with someone else. This is the normal case nowadays, yet here you can perceive how a ladies is getting joined to sibling of her better half and that wound up with d*e@th.

One day as she returned in the wake of washing sibling saw her and he gets tempted and after that they both had physical connection with each other. This was going on every now and again, they were having a similar quaint little inn day the ladies saw that no feminine cycle happened with her of late and she shared to that sibling. They chose to go to healing facility and it was found that she was pregnant and than they had no any choice to prematurely end the infant. That condition was so difficult for them two and they both chose to d!e and they took po!$on and d!ed.

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